Our Approach


Lake Eyasi Girls Training Centre is dedicated to improving the lives of marginalized youth mothers and their child through girls’ vocational training in Lake Eyasi region of Northern Tanzania. The organization was created in 2010 to provide support and a life of opportunity for youth mothers and their children in Lake Eyasi.

Currently we have 53 girls who are attending tailoring training for school uniforms and knitting school sweaters for primary and secondary school at the centre. These girls also receive far more than food, clothing, and shelter.

Provided that Lake Eyasi Girls is our main concern, we recognize that the most effective ways to improve outcomes for youth mothers and their kids is to educate the community in which they live.

Our main focusing to these youth mothers of Lake Eyasi in Tanzania includes:

Community Health Education

Health education has started in the primary and secondary schools as a community outreach program, educating men and women about different forms of family planning, abuse, and disease.

Youth Mothers Living with Relatives Program
We provide food, clothing, and opportunity to at risk children in the region who live with their relatives.

Medical Care

The centre organizes medical care for pregnant girls, mothers and children by taking normal route of attending to the clinic. Most of these girls were not attending clinic due to lack of awareness of the importance of getting medical checkup when pregnant.

We strive to understand and meet the evolving needs of the community in which the centre operate.

Email: info@lakeeyasigirls.org

Email: lighty_eyasi@yahoo.com