Educate A Mother


Lake Eyasi Girls Vocational Center believes on the principle of education a women is equal to educate the society. Unlike developed countries where the responsibility of raising children is done by both parents, in Africa things are different due to the culture that has been practiced such that women are the once who are responsible for raising children while men go to work and bring supplies to their house wife. For this reason most of the time children have more time spending with their mothers more than the father could do.

What We Do

  • We encourage women to make sure that they raise their children in good manners so they can become productive in future. Women have a huge responsibility of teaching boys to became full responsible fathers in future which will bring in harmony to their families and socity at large.

  • We have requested these girls who we support to be as ambassadors when they go out of centre to teach and warning younger girls not to engage themselves on the trouble of early pregnancy.

  • To teach women on different economic activities that will help them to meet their daily bread and eradicate poverty which is among them.

Why We Do What We Do

  • We are very interested to have a well organized society that doesn’t jump into issues. Lake Eyasi Girls Vocational Training Center is focusing on having a society that follows formalities of life and who will bring developments to Lake Eyasi by working hard and not waiting to be assisted by anybody after few years of gaining assistance.

  • Yes we have agreed that we will find some donors and sponsors to assist their current needs but with future focusing of self dependency.

  • We believe nobody would assist someone for the rest of his/her life and this is what we have been updating our girls and society in general.