Educate The Society


Lake Eyasi Girls Vocational Center has set a rally of stop this and make better changes. This policy is posed for the men who solicits these young girls and being pregnant and thereafter run away or abandon them. Some of these men lives among our society but could not be taken to face trial for such a case.

What We Do

Due to the high level of corruption in some official members, some of the society had found difficult to solve problems. The government has posed a very strong law against this behavior. We actually make a follow up of who did it and make sure justice has to take action.

Encourage those girls who are tempted by man and/or acquire sexual harassments to report to our centre so immediate action should follow.   

To report to the judiciary arms for those girls who have gone physical and emotional abused.

Along with all these we have managed to the highest point to educate man to stop either temptation or sexual harassment to these young girls due to the fact that at the end of the day they will ruin their entire life.

Why We Do What We Do

The plans for educating society as whole to understand such a difficult life these girls are facing after having babies to unplanned mothers, early marriages forced by parents and women genital mutilation. We are confident these problems will be solved in a high percentage by educating more girls. The number of street children also will be reducing as well. "Make the world a better place to stay for all of us".