Our Mission


Lake Eyasi Girls Training Centre aims on providing education to the disadvantage children and women who have been forced by the environment to get pregnancy before completing their primary and secondary school education. We are basically focusing on giving these women health and skills education.

Current Fundraising Project

Lake Eyasi Girls Centre is situated in Tanzania’s popular northern touring circuit. Fundraising can be done in different ways as follows:

- You can assist by raising fund to the wherever you are in this world to support this youth mothers and their child.

- Lake Eyasi Girls Centre is located in the best breeding area of pink flamingoes in East Africa on the alkaline Lake Eyasi. If you have ever dreamed of visiting Tanzania’s popular touring destinations such as Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing, Mount Meru Climbing, Oldoinyo Lengai Trekking, descending to the wonders of the world’s crater of Ngorongoro, visiting Lake Manyara, Serengeti, Tarangire and Arusha Game Park, you can simply combine these tours by supporting either mother or kid or among our most popular programs such as dormitory and classes building.

Core Values of Lake Eyasi Girls Vocational Training Centre

Providing a loving home environment for pregnant girls, children and those who have yet become mothers.

Providing skilled education to those mothers who leave with relatives.

Providing education to youth girls in primary school who haven’t got these problems.

Provide skilled education to those mothers who leave at Lake Eyasi Girls training centre.

Providing health education to youth pertaining early pregnancy.

Providing body health education including training on HIV/AIDS to the society.

Providing education to youth and adult male counterpart on the problem that arose when a student got pregnancy.

Email: info@lakeeyasigirls.org

Email: lighty_eyasi@yahoo.com